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Get a University CAS in Heart Failure Management

The Postgraduate Course in Heart Failure (PCHF) is an official course of the University of Zurich leading to a Certificate of Advanced Studies in Heart Failure, CAS UZH.

The Sixth Edition will start in March 2024.

Around the world, the international PCHF alumni network expands steadily, with more than 320 international PCHF Alumni who are contributing to the advances in the Heart Failure in addition to the growing list of international services & publications on heart failure.

PCHF learning objectives are based on the current ESC HFA Core Curriculum, and covers:

  • Diagnosis and investigation of chronic heart failure

  • Medical treatment of heart failure

  • Diagnosis and treatment of co-morbidities

  • Monitoring of heart failure patients

  • Cardiac imaging

  • Device therapy for heart failure (including ICD and CRT therapy)

  • Acute and advanced heart failure management